Especially for industrial use, Ecodor has developed a compressed air misting installation consisting of a standard central control box, a network of hoses and one or more nozzles. Tap water, injected with an enzyme product, is forced through the nozzles using compressed air to create an extremely fine mist.

This is a very simple and flexible system, which only requires electricity, water and compressed air. The system can be expanded or reduced by adding or removing nozzles and the dosage of the deodorising product in the water is also easy to adjust.

The nozzles used have been especially developed for use with the ECODOR-concentrate. They create an extremely fine mist, formed by droplets of approx. 15 µm. This is essential to be able to achieve correct deodorising using enzymes.
The nozzles are self-cleaning on the liquid and compressed air side. Each time the installation is switched on and off, the nozzle is cleaning by a moving needle.

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