UF2000 4Pets

UF2000 4Pets, AGAINST PET urine

UF2000 4Pets is a powerful urine odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour of pet wee. UF2000 4Pets is an environment-friendly and efficient solution to combating these unwanted odours.

UF2000 4Pets does not mask the smell of urine by adding another fragrance but demolishes the pungent smell by accelerating the breakdown of the odour molecule with the use of plant enzymes.

UF2000 cat urine odour remover can be used on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, wall, parquet floor, hardwood floors and can also be safely used on softer finishings such as carpets, clothes, mattress, etc. Or even directly in your cat litter box.
Larger applications can include: cattery's, (dogs) kennels and at vets. It can also be used for the general urine odour elimination from your dog, rabbits, rats, mice, guinea-pigs, ferrets, etc.

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