EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells & spots from places where your pets visit frequently, such as the cat box, dog basket, rodent cages, etc.

In contrast to the ordinary air refreshing products, EcoPet removes the undesirable smell instead of masking it with an air scent.

In addition to removing undesirable smells & odours, EcoPet removes stains and spots of excrement and/or vomit which can stain e.g. textile. The product is suitable for the removal of general stains caused by red wine, sauces etc.

Applications for this product include: Cat trays, dog kennels, excrement, vomit, spraying from tomcats and food barges.
Spot remover removes tough stains from e.g. clothing, carpets, textile, duvets, chairs, lounges or couches, coverlet, mats, car seats, car interiors, etc.

To remove the fragrance of cat urine from harder material such as concrete, joints, marble, stone, wood etc. We recommend the use of our product UF2000.


Belangrijkste voordelen van deze fles met revolutionaire spray technologie: - Fijne mist spray zonder gebruik te maken van drijfgas - Houder niet onder druk, voorkomt oververhit gevaren door de zon - 360º spray voor handig gebruik - hervulbare eco-vriendelijke fles.





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