Pet Range - Odour Removal & Cleaning Products

Here are the Ecodor pet smell neutralising and cleaning products that can be used for, on or around pets.

EcoPet Odour & Stain Remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells & spots from places where your pets visit frequently, such as the cat box, dog basket, rodent cages, etc.

In contrast to the ordinary air refreshing products, EcoPet removes the undesirable smell instead of masking it with an air scent.

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UF2000 4Pets, AGAINST PET urine

UF2000 4Pets is a powerful urine odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour of pet wee. UF2000 4Pets is an environment-friendly and efficient solution to combating these unwanted odours.

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This Ecodor product allows you to clean your pet’s coat without water and can be used on dogs, cats and rodents.
EcoFur coat cleaner is based on harmless vegetable protein which removes unpleasant odours and dirt from your pet`s coat.

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You smell the urine, but cannot find the spot?

With the help of the Ecodor Spot Urine Detector you are able to find the urine spot that was invisible to the naked eye.

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EcoFloor, powerful floor cleaner, cleans & deodorises.
Eliminates urine odour from dogs, cats and rodents.
This powerful environmentally friendly floor cleaner effectively removes unwanted odours and leaves a shiny, streak-free finish. This product is ideal to easily clean and freshen the whole floor especially in households with pets.
You'll notice the results even after a few minutes. Your floor will be shiny clean, with no trace of the unwanted odours. (e.g. Urine, Vomit etc).

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