Household products

EcoHome is ideal for neutralising unpleasant smells in and around the home. e.g. kitchen, toilets, nurseries, refuse containers. It will remove cooking and tobacco or tabacco smoke smells.

EcoHome destroys odour molecules in the air naturally, causing the smell to disappear instead of simply masking it.

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EcoSmoke deodoriser breaks down the odour molecules in the air in a natural way, making the smell disappear instead of spraying another smell over the top of it. EcoSmoke is ideal for eliminating food smells, tobacco smells and pet odour.
EcoSmoke is non-irritant and non-allergenic. EcoSmoke is produced from harmless, water-soluble vegetable proteins.

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EcoShield is a specially developed liquid that tackles the smell of vegetable and garden waste at the source of the odour.

When EcoShield is sprayed over the odour source of a smell, it offers dual protection against odour. Firstly, an insulating film covers and prevents the release of more odour, and secondly, the odour producing molecules are absorbed and degraded by the enzymes in the viscous liquid.

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UF2000 is a powerful odour remover that effectively destroys the smell of urine. In places where the smell of urine is undesirable (for example in nursing homes or hospitals), UF2000 offers an environmentally friendly and effective solution.

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EcoFloor, powerful floor cleaner, cleans & deodorises.
Eliminates urine odour from dogs, cats and rodents.
This powerful environmentally friendly floor cleaner effectively removes unwanted odours and leaves a shiny, streak-free finish. This product is ideal to easily clean and freshen the whole floor especially in households with pets.
You'll notice the results even after a few minutes. Your floor will be shiny clean, with no trace of the unwanted odours. (e.g. Urine, Vomit etc).

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EcoGlass Window Cleaner leaves windows & mirrors with a streak free shine. Ready to use. Made from a complex of surface activated substances derived from plant extracts. Leaves a clean streak free shine in one application.

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Degreaser - Cleans hygienically - Deodorises

EcoClean for a fresh & shiny clean surface! EcoClean uses an active formula to remove dirt effortlessly, without the need for scrubbing.

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