Industrial odour control, deodorisation Spraying systems

Ecodor's engineering department designs and builds every type of deodorising system based on the customer-specific requirements.

Using the very latest misting technology, Ecodor designs, constructs and installs the following types of deodorising installations. High-pressure nozzle system, compressed air assisted nozzle system, mist fan system and mobile deodorising systems.

Ecodor designs systems for (enclosed) indoor areas, exhaust gas ducts and systems for outdoor applications. These systems can be fully automatically controlled by e.g. wind direction, time cycles or other external control systems or can simply be switched on/off manually.

Especially for industrial use, Ecodor has developed a compressed air misting installation consisting of a standard central control box, a network of hoses and one or more nozzles. Tap water, injected with an enzyme product, is forced through the nozzles using compressed air to create an extremely fine mist.

This is a very simple and flexible system, which only requires electricity, water and compressed air. The system can be expanded or reduced by adding or removing nozzles and the dosage of the deodorising product in the water is also easy to adjust.

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This mist fan misting installation can be used indoors or outdoors, wherever neutralising fluid needs to be sprayed over a large surface.

A control box, developed as standard for this use, directs the product mix water: Ecodor to the misting fan(s). The fan has a range of 7.5 to maximum 15 metres.

The liquid volume can be set from 5 to 50 litres per hour. There are several accessories available including an oscillator (range from 120° to 360°) and various suspension systems and stands.

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If there is no supply of compressed air close to the point of treatment, an installation that works with high or middle pressure misting can be used instead.

The installation consists of a high (middle) pressure pump and a hose with nozzles.

This installation can be supplied as wished with automatic controls such as wind direction; time cycles or simply switched on/off manually.

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Ecodor has developed a mobile deodorising unit especially for situations where the installation is required on different locations.
There are various standard systems on option, if required equipped with water storage and own power supply.

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