EcoFeet is a spray that removes unpleasant sweat odours. EcoFeet breaks down the sweat molecules in a natural way, making the smell disappear instead of masking it.

EcoFeet is ideal to the use in shoes or even to apply directly on the feet and it can also be used for clothes and other parts of the body.

EcoFeet is non toxic, free of bacteria, biologically degradable, non irritating and causes no allergic reactions.

Ecodor EcoFeet contains harmless, natural proteins, dissolved in water. EcoFeet is therefore perfectly safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Types of use?

  • to remove sweat odours from clothes;
  • to remove sweat odours from shoes
  • against smelly feet (spray directly on the feet).

Composition: Complex of natural vegetable enzymes – surface active ingredients derived from grains, natural extracts, carbohydrate ferments, preservatives.

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